Additive manufacturing

Experience the power of 3D printing! Modern 3D printers provide almost limitless possibilities for use in many industries. The assortment of our store consists only of proven devices with very good technical parameters, which translates into high quality finished prints. Some printers carry out small but precise prints e.g. for jewellery or prosthetics and others with a large print space, which allows for projects in a much wider dimensional spectrum. The presented equipment is the latest generation of printers and depending on the model can have professional applications, in production or in advanced prototyping, 

Our 3D printing software service delivers fantastic result in prototype manufacturing, reverse engineering and much more. We offer exclusive and ingenious material design services Here at TULS, we are not just retail-focused. The company is born out of the industry and is dedicated to educating existing engineers, and the next generation of young engineers, on the benefits of 3D printing technology.

Creating the right model in this advanced 3D printing technology requires not only the use of the right device but also important materials. That's why our store offers products designed for various equipment. All filaments are available in a wide range of colours, among which you will surely find the right one for you. Moreover, the price of filaments that we offer will make the execution of models even more profitable than before. Check out our suggestions and choose the product that is the most advantageous in terms of quality and price!


We offer specialized resins for medicine, dentistry, casting techniques for different wax and jewellery and more. Specialized resins of different hardness and basic for general use. All our materials have the necessary approvals and safety certificates. We provide optimal material with safe storage and transport to the customer.

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