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Construction & Engineering Awards 2016: TULS Corp retains Best Infrastructure Management Co, India.

TULS Corp Pvt. Ltd., retains "Best Infrastructure Management Company: India"title even for the year 2016 as per Construction & Engineering Awards 2016 announced by BUILD UK.

The 2016 Construction & Engineering Awards designed by Build Magazine, UK to reward and recognize the hard work, often undertaken over many months and years, by the myriad of professionals in this industry. From managers to subcontractors, supply chain professionals to finance experts, Build Magazine are turning the spotlight on everyone involved at every stage in the construction process.

Since its inception, TULS has focused on Infra activities such as Power and Construction. Our company has been capable of providing end-to-end solution to Indian Industry and has been serving niche segment. We have been very much instrumental in Renewable Energy (RE) space particularly, Solar space. In Solar power space, TULS has provided Project Management services for Grid connected Solar Power Plant of capacity exceeding 100 MW on Pan India basis and Advisory services for Solar Power Plant of capacity exceeding 3560 MW. TULS offers consultancy services for Solar Rooftop installation under Net Metering & Photo Voltaic Diesel Hybrid solutions to Companies operating in frequent load shedding areas. A Photovoltaic diesel hybrid system ordinarily consists of a PV system, diesel gensets and intelligent management to ensure that the amount of solar energy fed into the system exactly matches the demand at that time. TULS also provides 3rd party O & M Monitoring and Audit services to assure client that the O & M partner is performing on agreed terms of contract.

"Retaining the Title is itself a Big achievement for TULS and its employees. Consistent efforts of our people, advisors and faith of our clients and well-wishers has made this possible. We believe in being Customer Centricity and work towards providing best services to our client's. This award recognizes our efforts towards being a Client Centric Company." said a release from TULS Corp.

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